This monograph makes the case for widespread acceptance of the profit motive in education.  It does so not by presenting statistics that demonstrate that profit-making organisations could drive up quality – there is already a substantial literature on this.  Instead, the authors show how profit making organisations could create an entirely new dynamic of entrepreneurship and innovation.  As well as improving quality and reducing costs within existing models, such an approach could lead to the development of completely new ways of providing education. Download a copy of the publication at:  The Profit Motive in Education: Continuing the Revolution edited by J. B. Stanfield, Institute of Economic Affairs, 2012


 – Introduction by James B. Stanfield
– Profit is about learning not just motivation by Steven Horwitz
– Setting up a free school by Toby Young
– The profit motive in Swedish education by Peje Emilsson
– The story of a school entrepreneur by Barbara Bergstrom
– The fortune at the bottom of the education pyramid by James B. Stanfield
– For-profit higher education in the USA by Bennett, Lucchesi and Vedder
– Why is there no IKEA in education? by Anders Hultin
– UK Business Schools need an injection of the profit motive by J R Shackleton
– Schooling and entrepreneurship in the USA by Frederick M. Hess
– Private capital, for-profit enterprises and public education by Tom Vander Ark


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