The Relative Quality of Private and Public Schools for Low-income Families Living in Slums of Nairobi, Kenya

pauline dixon

New book by Pauline Dixon out soon

kibera 085

A Case Study of Private Schools in Kibera: An Update


Why the Denial? Pauline Dixon

Poor Economics

James Tooley challenges Poor Economics


The Profit Motive in Education: Continuing the Revolution (2012)


From Village School to Global Brand: Changing the World through Education (2012)


The Private School Revolution in Bihar, India (2012)

hole in wall book1

Beyond the Hole in the Wall (2012)

broken university1

The Broken University – Things Seen and Not Seen in Higher Education (2010)

beautiful tree2

The Beautiful Tree: A Personal Journey Into How the World’s Poorest People Are Educating Themselves (2009)

No thumbnail for The Right to Choose: Yes Prime Minister! (2007)

The Right to Choose: Yes Prime Minister! (2007)


Educating Amaretch: Private Schools for the Poor and the New Fontier for Investors (2006)

Market_Solutions in Education

Delivering Better Education: Market Solutions for Educational Improvement (2003)