How to know God

In a world filled with signs pointing us down various streets of nationalities and religions, would we be able to make sure we’ve set our feet on the correct way? The response to this inquiry originates from the untouched top of the line book, converted into a larger number of languages and perused by a bigger number of individuals than some other book in mankind’s history. The Bible denotes the way to God.

It is anything but difficult to take a gander at the tremendous assortment of individuals who call themselves Christians and be confounded about precisely what a Christian is.
Some of the time individuals use “Christian” just to mean an ethical individual or as a word to depict somebody who goes to chapel.
The first occasion when anybody was known as a Christian is recorded in the Bible. “It was at Antioch that the devotees were first called Christians”.

Christians then possess similar qualities, they realize God cherishes them.
They perceive their disobedience isolates them from God.
They realize Jesus came to earth, died and resurrected to offer absolution.
Christians have reacted to God’s offer of absolution by settling on a decision to quit living for themselves and handing their lives to God for direction and fulfillment of their destiny in Christ. Notwithstanding, individuals act differently, with the popular saying “born again” in the wake of turning into a Christian on the grounds that their commitment with God transforms them. Individuals do beneficial things for some reasons, yet a Christian is roused to do beneficial things since they cherish God.

What does it take to start an association with God? Dedicate yourself to unselfish religious practices? Improve as an individual with the goal that God will acknowledge you?

You might be shocked that none of those things will work. Be that as it may, God has made it clear in the Bible how we can know him.

He made it clear in the Bible that he loves us abundantly, which he gave his only son to come to earth to die for our sins.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life”.
(John 3:16 KJV)

And also that we should fully understand that He has planned an abundant life, a life full of joy, happiness and prosperity. Which Christians should be devoid of sin to achieve the abundant life. Paul writes in the Bible.

 “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. (Romans 3:23 KJV)

We were made to have an association with God; in any case, on account of our obstinate self-will, we went our very own freeway, and association with God was broken. This self-will, described by a demeanor of dynamic resistance or uninvolved aloofness, is proof of what the Bible calls sin.

Jesus Christ is God’s solitary arrangement for our transgression or sins. Through him, we can know and experience God’s affection and plan for our life.

      “Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.” (John 14:6)

God has given an approach to himself through Jesus Christ. Since the cost has been paid in full by God through Jesus Christ, we should react to his an unconditional gift of unceasing life in all-out confidence and trust in him to save us. We should venture forward into the association with God that he has arranged for us not by doing acts of kindness or being a decent individual, yet by coming to him similarly as we are and as tolerating his justification and redemption by faith.

We acknowledge God’s endowment of salvation just by setting our confidence in Christ alone for the absolution of our wrongdoings. Okay, prefer to enter an association with your creator by confiding in Christ as your Savior? Provided that this is true, here’s a basic prayer you can use to express your confidence.

“ Lord God, I know my sins have put a barrier in place of a relationship between you and I. I thank you for sending your son to die for my sins. I believe in you to forgive me of my sins. Thank You. In Jesus’s name. Amen.

Finally, the Holy Spirit uncovers God’s identity and demonstrates to us our sins with the goal that we can ask for forgiveness. In the event that you surrendered your life to Jesus Christ, it implies the Holy Spirit has just been working in your life.

Jesus comprehended the significance of the Holy Spirit which is the reason he disclosed to his followers to stay in Jerusalem after his rising to Heaven and trust that the Holy Spirit will come. The Holy Spirit is who enables us to pursue God. There are numerous things the Holy Spirit does, yet one of them is to show us God’s identity.