September 2015

The team who produced the Rigorous Review for DFID “The Role and Impact of Private Schools in Developing Countries” has released an update with corrections and modifications. The new report is available from DFID and R4D. We have highlighted the changes in the copy here on the EG West site. You can view the comments in the usual way by clicking on the highlighted text or comment box, or by opening the comments pane.

Updated report: DFID Commissioned Rigorous Review (Updated version 2)

June 2015

David Longfield’s article on the growth of schooling in South Sudan has been published in Economic Affairs (vol 35). Find it at Economic Affairs June 2015

22nd May 2015

David Longfield has been actively engaged with an NGO working with low-cost private pre-schools and schools in South African Townships.

IMG_2288[1]Read more: Love Trust Report

28th March 2015 – Rejoinder to the Rigorous Review Team published on website. Read the Rejoinder

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15th – 16th March 2015 – Nik Kafka, CEO & Founder, Teach A Man To Fish, UK interviews James Tooley, Professor, Newcastle University, UK on his pioneering work in low cost schooling. Listen to the interview

Dubai interview

13th March 2015 –  The Response to the DFID commissioned Rigorous Review of the Literature on Low Cost Private Schools was published by Pearson with a foreword by Sir Michael Barber. A pre-launch event was held in Pearson head office with Sir Michael Barber, Professor James Tooley, David Longfield and about 70 guests. Read the response.


12th February 2015 – Schools in India threatened with closure. The Right to Education Act has negative consequences. Can you support Deepalaya School in a slum in Delhi? Sign their petition here.

8th February 2015 – James Tooley supports the Durham Free School see the Spectator and Chronicle

10th November 2014 –  The official launch of SOLE Central, Newcastle University’s new research centre took place at the Culture Lab, Newcastle University.

23rd April 2014 – James Tooley has agreed to become the Chief mentor to the National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA) in India.

7th April 2014 – Excellent book review of Pauline’s book published in Cato Regulation journal – Education as an emergent phenomenun by Art Carden.

29th march 2014 – Congratulations to Steve Humble for his chapter ‘Sweets in the jar’ published in 50 Visions of Mathematics, Oxford University Press 2014.

22nd Feb 2014 – James Stanfield spoke at the 2014 Oxford Forum on International Development conference on the subject of ‘For-Profit School Chains and Schools in the Cloud’.

17th Feb 2014 – Steve Humble’s Humble-Nishiyama Randomness Game is featured in the New York Times

17th Feb 2014 – James Tooley discusses Michael Gove’s schools reforms on Voice of Russia Radio. Podcast available.

14th Feb 2014 – James Tooley speaks at the Newcastle University International Development Society conference.

13th Feb 2014 – Sugata Mitra opens Area Aix at Greenfield Community College.  Northern Echo; BBC Radio Tees (1hr 41min); BBC Radio Newcastle (listen from 24.44).

11th Feb 2014 – Sugata Mitra guest speaker at Cambridge Assessment conference ‘Schools in the Cloud. Learning without teachers. It couldn’t happen, could it?’. See link for 20 minute video and podcast.

4th Feb 2014 – Sugata Mitra on BBC World Service ‘The School in the Cloud – India’s innovative new way of educating children’.

22nd November 2013 – Pauline Dixon had an article published in a Swedish newspaper Skolrevolution i utvecklingsländerna

22nd November 2013 – Sugata Mitra open his first SOLE at George Stevenson High School. School in the Cloud opens – and in a North Tyneside classroom, The Journal, 23rd November 2013.

21st November 2013 – James Tooley and David Longfield travel to South Sudan to launch a report on their latest research into low cost private schools in Juba.  The event was organised by DfID and the British Ambassador, Minister of Education and numerous government officials attended.

19th November 2013 – Sugata Mitra keynote speaker at Association of Colleges Annual Conference, Birmingham

18th November 2013 – Sugata Mitra keynote speaker at STEM California conference.

12th November 2013 – One page profile of James Tooley in the Guardian titled Professor James Tooley: A champion of low-cost schools or a dangerous man?

9th November 2013 – Article on Sugata Mitra in Newcastle Chronicle titled ‘Newcastle professor named in world’s top 10 list’.

7th November 2013 – Article by James Tooley titled ‘Malala for free schools’ published in the Spectator.

3rd November 2013 – Article in The Sunday Observer by Sugata Mitra titled The internet can harm, but can also be a child’s best tool for learning.  Debunking the myths: computers don’t make children antisocial.

26th October 2013 – Sugata Mitra spoke at the BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival: Teaching The Teachers – The Future Of Education, the Sage, Newcastle.

24th October 2013 – Sugata Mitra named as one of the CNN Ten: Thinkers – CNN is honoring the visionaries whose ideas are shaping our future by highlighting 10 of our favorite thinkers in science and technology. These are people who have shoved conventional wisdom aside and are changing the world with their insights and innovations.

23rd October 2013 – James Tooley gives a Master Lecture at the Rafael del Pino Foundation in Madrid, Spain.  Watch the talk here.

21st October 2013 – Sugata Mitra gives a public lecture on “The Future of Learning ” at The Institute of International and European Affairs, Dublin.

October 2013 – Sugata Mitra has been awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi for the year 2013

11th October 2013 – Sugata Mitra gives an online Plenary Talk at the 2013 Reform Symposium E-Conference.

7th October 2013 – James Tooley and David Longfield present the latest research findings on low cost private schools in Sierra Leone to the World Bank in Washington DC.

7th October 2013 – Launch of paperback edition of Beautiful Tree  – A special one-on-one conversation with the author James Tooley. Interviewed by Neal McCluskey, Associate Director, Center for Educational Freedom, Cato Institute.  Watch video here.

4th October 2013 – Reason Foundation presents Private Schools for All, featuring James Tooley in conversation with John Tierney.  Location – the downstairs bar in The Sex Museum, New York City!

4th October 2013 – James Tooley gives a talk a titled ‘Should Education Be Privatized?’ at a conference organised by the Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities at Bard College, New York.  Watch online here.

3rd October 2013 – Sugata Mitra gives a public lecture at Newcastle Lit and Phil Society, founded in 1793.  The society’s lecture theatre was the first public room to be lit by electric light, during a lecture by Sir Joseph Swan on October 20th 1880.

2nd October 2013 – Sugata Mitra visits King Edward VI School in Morpeth, which was established in 1552!

2nd October 2013 – Pauline Dixon visits Canada and takes part in an online discussion titled Learning 2030: In the Developing World.

1st October 2013 – James Tooley gives a David S. Saurman Provocative Lecture at San Jose State University, USA.

28th September 2013 – Rebecca Fisher travels to Sierra Leone to help manage the opening of a new low cost private school.

27th September 2013 – James Tooley gives a keynote speech ‘On the improbable triumph of low-cost private schools in developing nations’ at The William J O’Neil Centre for Global Markets and Freedom 2013 Conference, Dallas, USA.

27th September 2013 – Sugata Mitra visits Hilton Primary Academy.

26th September 2013 – James Tooley and David Longfield attend a DfID Seminar in London.  Karthik Muralidharan talks about his latest findings on private schools for the poor in India

24th September 2013 – Sugata Mitra speaks at Labour Party Conference IPPR/OU event titled Clicks and mortar: can UK education be a global export? with Lord Andrew Adonis and Sir Martin Bean, Vice Chancellor, Open University.

18th September 2013 – James Tooley’s research referred to in an Education Next article titled The Profit Motive in Education by Jason Bedrick.

17th September 2013 – An afternoon with Sugata Mitra at St Aidans Primary School, Gateshead.  See here for 20 minute video of Emma Crawley talking about her experiences of implementing SOLES in St Aidans.

16th September 2013 – Sugata Mitra meets Matthew Hancock, Further Education Minister to discuss the potential of using SOLEs in further education in the UK.  We won’t be holding our breath!

12th September 2013 – Article on Sugata Mitra in the Newcastle Journal titled ‘World renowned scientist to open schools in North East’.

12th September 2013 – Sugata Mitra visits BelleVille Primary School in Battersea London.

11th September 2013 – Sugata Mitra gives a talk at the British Science Festival on ‘The Future of Learning’.  Listen to 6 minute audio here.  Watch full talk here.

11th September 2013 – Enormous congratulations to Dr Pauline Dixon on winning the FMF Luminary Award in South Africa.  See article: Sandton foundation announces Luminary Award. Watch Interview with Bruce Whitfield and Private Schooling to Overcome Poverty.

10th September 2013 – Sugata Mitra visits, UNESCO, Paris.

September 2013 – Rebecca Fisher joins the E.G. West Centre as a Research Assistant helping to manage projects across West Africa.  She has just completed a work placement at Omega Schools in Ghana for 12 months.

September 2013 – Congratulations to Pauline Dixon for winning ESRC-DFID Development Frontiers Research Fund 2012/13 ‘The Identification and Nurturing of high ability students in the slums of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania (£100,000).

16th August 2013 – The international development consultants GRM have succeeded in winning the bid for the DfID Human Development Innovation Fund for Tanzania.  James Tooley and James Stanfield were included in the bid as the Lead Consultants on education. Project runs from 2013-2018.

1st August 2013 – Bright Sodje and Andrew Machel from the Sodje Foundation visit the E.G. West Centre to discuss the potential of expanding the Omega School model into Nigeria.