Students who have studied the MA in International Development and Education have gone on to work in different fields around the world. Here are some of their stories:

Prince A M Gaima


Prince came from Sierra Leone to do his MA, he writes that he did not anticipate “that studying International Development and Education at Newcastle University would dramatically transform me both as a person and my long held belief system about education and development.” Read more from Prince


Hilary Meehan  


Hilary came from Canada to do the MA, did her placement in India and has gone on to secure a job with Durham University as a Policy and Research Advisor in their Human Resources department. Read more from Hilary Meehan

Harriet Reed

Here Harriet tells us about her time on placement and her plans to study for a PGCE in secondary level through ‘schools based training’.  Read more about Harriet Reed

Katie Coles

Since finishing the master’s course (MA(IDE)) in September 2013 I have started a six-month internship with the “Sabre Charitable Trust” in Ghana where I did my placement. I loved the country and the people so much that I decided to come and get a job here in Ghana….. Read more about Katie Coles

Manami Sato

Manami Sato

Having been awarded a Masters (International Development and Education) at Newcastle University in 2010, I worked as a Bilingual Secretary in an engineering company located in Newcastle….. Read more about Manami Sato

Clarisse Kingweze


I joined the MA programme in International Development and Education at Newcastle University with a background in Media and a basic understanding of the development sector.

At the end of the course, I became a different person. Not only had I started thinking more strategically and deeply but I became effective when designing, developing policies and managing humanitarian projects….. Read more about Clarisse Kingweze

Elizabeth Tuck

Since completing my Masters (MED(IDE)) at Newcastle University, my skills and experience have taken me on an international career venture. I initially moved to an internship position in Kenya where I built on my education by working in developing private schools….. Read more about Elizabeth Tuck

Jonnie Kimmitt


When I started the Masters in the EG West Centre, I was coming from my undergraduate degree which had looked at the political context of international development. I was keen to look at this area more specifically but I was desperate to do something which didn’t just involve desk research….. Read more about Jonnie Kimmitt.

Chris Counihan

After graduating with a Master’s in Education and International Development in 2010, I decided to further my studies at Newcastle University by undertaking a PhD. My research interests are to do with ‘peer learning networks’ and how these might be developed in communities where teaching and learning opportunities are limited……. Read more about Chris Counihan

Agata Rutkowska-Mandava

agata 2
I completed my Master’s in Education degree from Newcastle University in 2008 under the supervision of Dr Pauline Dixon. In March, 2008, I opted to visit Hyderabad (India) to conduct a research for my dissertation. My dissertation explored the effectiveness and deficiencies of teaching practices in low-income areas of India. It had an acknowledgement for Dr. Dixon which said the following: “This is dedicated to my dear supervisor, Pauline Dixon, who helped me in marking up a new path in my life.”…… Read more about Agata Rutkowska-Mandava