The E.G. West Centre is the world’s leading authority on the growth and development of affordable private schools serving low-income communities across the developing world.  Over the previous decade extensive and detailed research, directed by Professor James Tooley, has been carried out across all five continents, documenting the enormous and previously neglected potential of private schools to serve the educational needs of the poor.  To date, research has focused on:

  • Mapping the number of existing low-cost private schools;
  • Measuring and comparing their performance with local government schools;
  • Helping to develop the ecosystem in which these schools operate (de-regulation, private school associations microfinance, scholarship schemes);
  • Helping to improve the quality of education being provided;
  • Helping to set up chains of low-cost private schools in India and Africa;

More recent research has focused on the growth and development of low-cost private schools in post-conflict countries such as South Sudan, Liberia, and Sierra Leone and on the growth and expansion of chains of low-cost private schools in different countries around the world.

Low-cost private schools in the US & UK – based upon our experience of helping to set up a number of chains of low-cost private schools in developing countries, the E.G. West Centre is now developing a business model for a chain of low-cost private schools for the US & UK education markets.